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Truck Accessory Store


CHALLENGE: This client was focused on expanding from another existing business and requested a consultation with our team to strategize an intelligent method of growing his company that would be effective at generating revenue and meet within certain time and resource restraints.

SOLUTION: After several round table meetings, it was decided that a keyword-rich network of twelve truck accessory websites would be the best way to proceed with the project. An eCommerce platform was utilized with simplicity and performance in mind. One of the project goals was to design a network that the client could actually learn and interact with for loading products, taking orders, securing payment and changing prices. All this and more was accomplished with this project.

FOLLOW UP: Within a few days of launching the eCommerce sites, the client was surprised to receive their very first online order. Since that time the network of eCommerce sites has served thousands of visitors and sales continue to increase. The owners were trained by our team to interact with the system backend to make changes as required to run their new, rapidly expanding business.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: Thank you for your dedication to our eCommerce project. Your advice and recommendations have proven to be instrumental in helping us fine tune our recipe for success. We are proud to have you for our partner and have recommended you to many other business owners. Dave & Katy Carter, Owners


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