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Pet Food Store


CHALLENGE: This client wanted to expand their brick and mortar pet boutique shop by gaining greater market penetration for their high quality pet food brand, Life’s Abundance. A stand-alone website was desired that could be an effective sales and information tool for the pet-owning public.

SOLUTION: DomainEngines built a 265 page site that included all of the healthy food products that the client offered as well as an extensive listing of pet food recalls from the USDA. In addition, current news articles are displayed and the site serves as an eCommerce interface to the pet food supplier backend. Coding parameters included strong organic search engine optimization and a simple backend interface for the client to manage the content of the site.

FOLLOW UP: Traffic to the site has increased exponentially since it was launched in October, 2011. This increased site traffic has resulted in more product sales for both the pet food products as well as the client’s existing pet boutique store.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: The consulting work and website you built for us has exceeded our expectations. Although the project took a bit longer than we had originally planned, the outcome and shear size of the website makes us even happier than we might have hoped for. It is obvious to us that you take great pride in your work and your communication skills were refreshing. Thank you for a job well done! Joanne and Vicki, Owners


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