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Niche Lead Generation System


CHALLENGE: This client wanted to create a portal-type system to generate high quality leads for a  niche market that consisted primarily of franchise and business opportunity clients. In addition, this client recognized that there were numerous competitors serving this same niche market and needed to implement a strategy to compete effectively in the marketplace.

SOLUTION: Several round table meetings were utilized to strategize an effective means of accomplishing and perhaps even surpassing the goals of the client. DomainEngines entered the domain market and effectively secured 1500 high-quality domain names to serve as the backbone for the lead generation network. It was agreed that 500 of the best domains would be utilized to build 500 live sites all connected by one common backend for the client to manage. The lead generation network displayed over 1.5 million targeted ads per day across the network and produced thousands of quality leads for franchisors and business opportunity companies. It became one of the largest proprietary lead generation networks on the internet in just over one year.

FOLLOW UP: The network was purchased by a much larger company in 2005. The acquiring company also owned The Weather Channel at the time of purchase. The purchaser dismantled the lead generation network so as not to compete with their existing lead generation companies.

CLIENT FEEDBACK: The network exceeded all of our operating parameters in terms of sheer performance, ease of use, quality lead generation and security. We look forward to undertaking more projects of this nature as the opportunities present themselves. Mr. Mark Milburn, CEO

CLIENT: Unable to disclose due to agreement