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HVAC Company


CHALLENGE: This family owned air conditioning and heating company (HVAC) had been serving primarily the Volusia County, East Central Florida area for decades. During that time, they have serviced thousands of commercial and residential accounts with new installations, warranty work and routine service calls and maintenance. The owners wanted to expand their business and decided to contact DomainEngines for advice on how to proceed with online marketing.

SOLUTION: The client received a special domain name as well as a new website to showcase their business. The site content and layout were provided by DomainEngines with the exception of their “tropical flavor” logo and some of the other pictures on the site. There is also a mobile device version of the site that deploys automatically upon entry from that type of device.

FOLLOW UP: The website continues to grow in traffic as well as leads and work for the company.


CLIENT FEEDBACK: The new site is fantastic! It is definitely increased our business and we especially love the easy “Contact Us” button on every page and the way the site works on mobile devices. Thank you DomainEngines! Mr. Jeremy Kokin, Co-Owner